10 Of The Most Hottest Inspirational Female Hip Hop/Gangsta Rappers.


Missy Elliot

Da brat

Gangsta Boo

La Chat

Mia X

Lady Of Rage

Lil Kim



In today’s music society you don’t find to many women pushing their talents as a whole in this male dominant industry.

Female rappers have known to sometimes go unnoticed, over looked, or not taken seriously.

Thankfully these female hip hop/gangsta rap artist have pave a way for themselves and for other strong female artist.

There are many young artist looking to voice and express their creations in this new music generation.

Through the heartaches the ups the downs from your family and friends telling you to do something else with your life, these women let nothing or no one stop them from pursuing and reaching their goals.

Take a look at these female rappers who were inspirational hardcore, strong at mind and will.

When being strong was their only choice and to keep going they let nothing lead them to failure.

They chose to let no one stop what they believed in and dreamed of.

These women have made a great inspiring breakthrough throughout their career.

Inspiring and opening up the doors for the new generation of young female artists you here and yet to hear today.

Lil Kim

Born Kimberly Denise Jones stage name Lil Kim is another hardcore rapper who is known for her sexual lyrics and performances.

Born in Brooklyn New York Kim had to survive on the streets after being kicked out by her dad after her parents split.

Kim had her debut in the 90s when she was discovered by the great late Notorious Big.

She joined his group Junior Mafia while recording their album conspiracy who big was teamed with Bad Boy Records.

In 1994 she lead to record her album Hardcore in 1996 which went certified double platinum with more than 6 million copies sold.

In the following years she released Notorious K.I.M and Labella Mafia albums,which both went certified platinum.

In march of 2005 Kim was convicted of conspiracy. She served a one year sentence for lying for her and her friends involvement in a shooting. The footage was captured on tape.

After Kim’s release she dropped her fourth album naked truth.. Due to serving a prison sentence it did not sell well, “lack of promotion” Kim states on why the album only made gold.

Lil Kim is still relevant till this day with the soon release of her latest 2019 album “Nine.”


Real name Eve Jeffers-Cooper from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

We all know her as “pitbull in a skirt”, nicknamed gangsta in high school before eve took off with her successful rap career, she started off as a stripper.

It was until she met Mase who convinced her she should stop and pursue a career in something else.

Eve was originally a singer. She called herself eve of destruction, she was in a group where they wanted to covert it into rap so eve stuck with it.

Signed to Dr.Dre’s aftermath entertainment label.

Due to lack of promotion release, we really didn’t get to here her fully until she teamed with Dmx in the 90s joining the Ruff Ryders crew.

Therefore she was on the Ruff Ryder compilation DJ Clue’s mix tape and many more. her albums were Ruff Ryders first lady scorpion lip lock and more.

Her greatest song hits were love is blind gotta man who’s that girl blow your mind hot boyz remix with Missy Elliot.

It became the hottest track in 99/2000 reaching the billboard charts as number 5.

Eve pursued an acting career in 2002 beginning in movies like barber shop and barber shop 2.

Followed with her own TV. Show called EVE on Upn network., the talk And many more.

Eve has a Grammy award for best rap/sung collaboration with singer Gwen Stefani.

She has made great songs wit such great artist throughout her career. She always have a positive message for young rap females out there.

Mia x

Real name Mia Young goes by the name Mia X or the Biggest Mama Mia! Unladylike like diva.

Born in New Orleans Louisiana as is best known for her sign to one of the most gangsta hip hop labels from the south No Limit Records Master p in 1994.

Her first debut album failed to hit the charts it wasn’t until she released her second album in 97 Unladylike Like which it 21 on the billboards and till this day is still being sold certified platinum

She worked with various No Limit artist C Murder Silkk The Shocker Master P’s albums songs make em say ugh bout it bout it and many more.

Mia x was diagnose and fighting with uterine cancer but has successfully beat it and now is living cancer free and very healthy.

She released her own cookbook/memoir in references to her grandmother called.. The things my grandma told me the things my grandma showed me in July of 2018.

Missy Elliot

Melissa Arnette Elliot Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot born in Portsmouth Virginia.

In the early 90s she formed a group which was noticed by Devante Swing a member from the group Jodeci.

After the split from her group she teamed with childhood friend Timothy Mosley best know as Timbaland.

The two begin song writing and producing Artist like Aaliyah 702 SWV Total and signed her own record deal in 1996.

Missy released numerous of hits in the 90s like Supa Dupa Fly get your freak on hot boyz sock it to me and many more.

Later on in the years she released her album cookbook in 2005 lose control was her hit single

Missy was living with graves disease. In 2011 she announced to her fans why she has not been producing in the studio and has been living with the disease since 2008.

In 2018 she announced that she has overcame the disease and is doing much better by the grace of god diet and exercise auto immune thyroid disease.

DA Brat

Shantae Harris Da Brat born in Joliet Illinois raised on the west side of Chicago half sister of Lisa Raye McCoy same father different mother.

Da brat was discovered when she won a rap contest with MTV Yo Raps.

From there she met duo Kris Kross who introduced her to their producer Jermaine Dupri.

Being signed to so so def records brat released her debut album funkdafied. Her image was gangsta and she was often called the female Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Her album and single Funkdafied went platinum in 1994 reached number 11 on the charts and the single reached number 1. top hot rap artist award and single 1995 top hot female rap artist

She featured in numerous artist tracks such as Krayzie Bone Missy Elliot Mariah Carey Brandy Destiny Child and others.

Her 2000 album unrestricted gave her a image makeover where she showed more of a feminine sex appeal side she continued to appear in movies such as glitter.

From The Album Unrestricted

She featured with Dem Franchize boys and bow wow label members in 2005.you can now catch DA brat on the Rickey smiley morning show this day where she been hosting since 2015.

Gangsta Boo

Lola Mitchell or as we better known her as Gangsta Boo or Lady Boo Miss Yea Hoe! From Memphis Tennessee. Was the first female member of the group Three Six Mafia.

Mystic styles was her first album she did with three six mafia in 1995. Following with chapter 1 the end(1995) chapter 2 world domination (1997) when the smoke clears in 2000 and choices the album

Not to forget her projects with prophet posse and hypnotize camp posse.

Gangsta boo released 3 solo albums beginning in 1998 with her first solo album enquiring minds.

Then came best of both worlds*69 and enquiring minds 2 the soap opera in 2003.

Her song Where Them Dollas at hit the charts at number 46 on the billboard 200

She continued her career with many mix tapes and features with such artists as T.I. La Chat Eminem Yella wolf Gucci mane Lil Jon Tela Mia X Foxy Brown Out Kast E-40 and many many more.

With the departure of three six due to many issues Boo continued her career letting nothing or know one stand in her way.

In 2018 she dropped where them dollas at remix with Cuban doll and Asian doll. She is still rapping and performing this very day.

La Chat

La Chat Raw And Uncut Interview

Chasity Daniels better known ass La Chat is from Memphis Tennessee she is best known for her time signed to Hypnotize Minds and associated with Three Six Mafia and Gangsta Boo.

We best know Chat for her appearance on Projects Pat “Chicken Head” which was a hit successful reaching Gold.

Yeen No! She continue to make features with Frayser Boy Lil Wyte Crunchy Black, and Lord Infamous (r.i.p) and more.

In 2001 she released her debut album murder she spoke. After the release she left hypnotize minds and continue on making a number of mix tapes and albums.

Chat won the female rap artist of the year award in 2010. Hardcore Gangsta Rap.

Her latest Album is Drama Queen which can be found in all major platforms.


Khia Shamone Chambers aka thug misses born in Philadelphia pa raised in Tampa Florida and now resides in Atlanta Georgia.

We all now Khia has a what she calls a motor mouth which she later named her album.

Khia is best known for her single my neck and back which was released previously by Devine.

Her single became one of the hottest tracks in 2002 with her album titled thug misses which reached the charts at number 42 12 on hot 100.

It was also featured on fox broadcasting soundtrack.

Khia My Neck My Back
Thug Misses

Khia did tracks with Trick Daddy which they recorded the song together called jump on it.

She continue to record and drop her second album Gangstress in 2006.

Khia owns her own label Thug Misses entertainment but also was sign with big cat records.

There she featured with rapper Gucci Mane on the song what they do.

In 2008 Khia was on ms rap supreme reality show on v1 she was eliminated for using a song from her previous album respect me.

Khia is a singer songwriter producer and media personnel she has a web series called Gag Order.

She has released new music as far as 2018 and 2018 Kash Only Next Caller and Petty. She continues to promote her music and talents very strong queen.


Rashawnna Guy from the South side of Chicago her duo infamous syndicate opened up for junior mafia where there she got her first break.

Things didn’t hit well with the release of their album changing the game so Shawnna signed with artist Ludacris where she featured on his hit song Whats Your Fantasy.

Her first album worth the wait was released in 2004 She featured on songs and was on Mariah Carey’s Lover boy remix.

She also known for her hit song with Ludacris stand up my chick bad remix and her song “Gettin Some”. She also is a character on def jam fight for NY video game.

Shawnna Gettin Some Official Video

Lady Of Rage

(necessary roughness) (1997) mix tapes va2la (2005)

With her trademark Afro Puffs Lady of Rage real name Robin Yvette Allen is best known for her collaborations with Dre. and Snoop.

Her hardcore lyrics emerged with west coast rap and has been described as one of the most phenomenal female mcs of all time.

In 1994 she released her hit single Afro Puffs from there it reached number 5 on the billboard charts

She also pursued a acting career with movies next Friday life after death row hit TV. show the Steve Harvey show.

on Aug 5 Rage announced that she has been hospitalized five times since September 2017.

Doctors have not been able to properly diagnose her condition or give the proper treatment.

She is taking one day at a time praying that something is solved due to this medical mystery.

This caused for her to put a pause on her career. Rage last performance was in Atlanta at the queens of hip hop with Daz Dillinger in July 2018.

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