Hip Hop/Rap Recording Artist KeysToKash Or (KeyCash) was born (JULY 9,) the middle child of 7 other siblings on the East Side of Cleveland Ohio,And is one of the most inspirational influenced Independent Rap Artist out today. She writes her own music as well as creates promo graphics, keyboard playing,blogger, and motivational advisor.

With over 20 years experiencing the ins and outs of the music industry she is here to help those who may need the knowledge on what’s the next move in their music career showing them knowledge on what routes to take and which not to.

Being a female Artist in A Male Dominant Industry has not been the easiest on my journey. You have to be strong to deal with what comes with this “GAME”.

Being overlooked and not tooken seriously, are a couple of things I had to not let put me down but to be strong enough to conquer and not let that take control of what i was trying to accomplish. I chose to not give in, but to keep pushin with hard work and dedication.

Know matter what your status is you can make it as an independent music artist in todays music society, And also those who may be curious on what goes on behind the scenes in the music industry will gain factual knowledge as well.

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