Lilbosssteven I am a Californian Bay Area artist! Growing up I took the wrong path and was more interested in drugs and women than school and success!

I hit multiple bottoms and god came to me in a dream and gave me sorta a Christmas carol type warning that if I keep on going on the way I was, he would show the pain and my fate if I continued.

He told me to rap. I didn’t understand it at the time I laughed! I thought the whole dream was so powerful, and the only confusing part was rapping the rest made since.

Now looking back on it I undoubtedly know it! My purpose is music I can help inspire , pump up , and lift up with my words… so that’s what I’m gonna do… so help me god.

“Hip hop saved my life and I owe it to become the illest Mc to bless the mic 🎙Amen”

Check out my new single feat @kxng crooked Eminem’s artist! “Slash the cash cow “ as well as our single with the one and only LAYZIE BONE from bone thugs n harmony “rocky balboa 👉🏼
My new single produced by Eminem feat Dr dres newest artist Kaan remixing Eminem’s till I collapse

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