Grammy Nominated Rapper Nipsey Hussle Real Name (Ermias Asghedom) was gunned down March 31,2019 in front of his store Marathon Clothing in Los Angeles California.

He was shot several times including once in the head. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. Sources stated there were two other men injured in the shooting as well.

There have been rumors that Nipsey was murdered by an unknown man who was close to him. There has been a video showing the shooting taking place.

People stated that Nipsey and the unknown man had an argument earlier the day he was murdered. It could have been over a personal matter.

There was a vigil for Hussle April 1st where everyone gathered together in respect to Nipsey. There was a live video showing the vigil getting out of hand. Someone reported a shooting and another report someone getting hit by a car and a stampede.

Watch Video Below

Huge Stampede At Rappers Nipsey Hussle Vigil

This is not the time to fight and be hatred towards one another. Not only was Hussle a rapper, he helped his community. He had a meeting scheduled with LAPD Chief about helping to stop Gun Violence.

For those who may not know, Nipsey was getting ready to release an documentary on Dr. Sebi who mysteriously died from the pneumonia. He was said to have the cure for Aids and Cancer and other Diseases.
Nipsey On Dr. Sebi

Conspiracy Theorist say Hussle was targeted by the U.S Government

Hopefully they arrest who murdered this inspiring young man. Its not only about the music its deeper than rap. We have lost to many Real Kings due to hatred and jealousy.

When will people learn to come together and love and support one another. Being Envious and Hating one another is not the answer.

Lets set an example for the kids who are growing up in todays society. This is a sad tragedy that has affected all. I personally have never met Nipsey but I feel connected to him through his loving heart and dying need to help rebuild his community, the same place where he was murdered.

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