“One Day I Woke Up And Immediately Knew I Had To Make A Change In My Life That Would Be The Only Way My Music Career Would Grow I Wanted To REACH My Goal So I Had To Figure Out A Alternative Route.”

At This Point I Had No Clue What I Was Gonna Do. But There Was No Giving Up Now My Uncle Once Told Me “FAILURE IS NOT A OPTION.”

It Seemed Like The Hardest Times In My Career I Had To Deal With Them Alone.No Choice Left But To Do Everything Myself..

SO I DID IT MYSELF. I Grew Tired Of Disappointments After Disappointments People Who Entered Into My Life Claiming To Want To Be A Part Of My Team Moving On This Journey Of Mine Helping Each Other Grow To Produce More Creative Material,,Only To Let Me Down And Waist My Time.

I Was Lost Without A Way Of Direction. And My Members Were To. That’s Why I Started This Music Blog.

People That You See Are Successful Today Failed Many Times Before They Succeeded..

There Are Many Successful People That Are In The Position They Are In Not Because They Did Every Single Thing Perfect.. Its Because They Failed Numerous Of Times And Didn’t Give UP Until They Got It Right!!

Don’t Let Your Past Mistakes Haunt You Or Make You Feel Like Your Not GOOD ENOUGH To Continue On. There Is A Reason Why You May Have Failed Or Wasn’t Ready. Figure Out What It Is You Need To Correct And KEEP GOING.

No Matter How Many Times You May Have Failed On A Project Or Wasn’t Consistent As You Should Have Been, Remember Know One Is Walking In Your Shoes BUT YOU.

Life Is About Learning From Your Mistakes Which Are Your BIGGEST TEACHER! It’s Ok To Make Mistakes Take What You Have Learned So Far And Learn To Do Better Perfecting Your Craft.This Time Around You Can Do As They Say “Dot Your I’s And Cross Your T’s.”

I Made A Change From The People I Was Surrounded With From The Non Supporters And The Non Believers. The None Professional And The Negative.

There Aren’t To Many People Who Are Gonna Understand Why You Chose Your JOURNEY.Through The Hard Work Sweat And Tears Go Unseen Because Most Won’t Offer A Helping Hand In The Process.

I Feel I Shouldn’t Have To Go Against Anything I Believe In In Order To Share “My Gift” To The World…AND YOU SHOULDN’T EITHER.

I Experience The Same Things YOU Are Going Through.It Seemed Like Noone Wants To See Nor Believe You Can Make It. Being The One In “Control” Was All There Aim Was.

THE JOURNEY CONTINUES….No One Is Gonna Do It For You. Sometimes You Have To Be Your Own MOTIVATION, PUSH YOURSELF And Just GO FOR IT.

What Can You Lose You Already Been Through The Hard Shit Your Still Here Sometimes You Have To Swallow Your Pride, Try Stepping Out The Box Try Something Different That You Never Tried Before If It Helps Benefit You And Your Career.

Do It You Have To Keep In Mind That Your Not Only Doing This For You Your Doing This For The Ones Who Look Up To You The Ones That ADMIRE You The Ones That LOVE YOU And Want To See You WIN The Ones That Learn From You That Someday You May CREATE A Path For Them To Be Happy And Successful.

WHAT DON’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER.. I Learned To Think About My Future And Remember What My Past Taught Me.

I Continue To Move Forward Cause I Know Deep Down The Passion I Have For Music Will Never Let Up For All The Days Of My Life On Earth It Will Remain In My Heart And After I Am Gone In The Deep Depths Of My Soul.

I To Can Feel Every RHYTHYM Of The Beat The MELODY The INSTRUMENTS The 808s And So On.

You Have To Live Eat Sleep Drink Music Starve Your Distractions It Will All Make Sense In The Long Run .

If You Don’t Feel The Energy I Am Giving To You Right Now Then This Isn’t The Place For You.

For Those Who Are Still Reading This By All Means You Are Cherished And Adored .Together We Will Fulfill Our Destiny Reach Are Goals And Steer Right To Our Destination.

I Remember When I Was Younger I Would Hear My Mom Playing The Radio I would Listen To The Music And Memorize The Lyrics Of Each Song Beating On The Kitchen Table With Two Pencils Making The Beat Up In My Head Lol.

The Point Is EMPHASIZING Takes A Great Part In Your Music Mixed With An Amazing Imagination You Can Create Anything You Want Because It Only Takes A Try And A Try And Another Try Until You Get It To Your Standards So It Can Be Released Unto The World Causing More Creative Mind Flows And Beautiful Imaginations And So On.

Whatever You Want Lies On The Other Side Of That Unopened Door Your Heading To. The KEY Is To Open That Door Bust Through That Door Kick That Door Down Take What You Want Earn Your Stripes.

Walk With Your Head Up Right You Get The Picture Okay Then What Are You Waiting For Buckle Up And Lace Your Boots Cause Were Going On A Bumpy Ride But Only If Your Ready The Strong Will Survive Pay Close Attention.

You Never Know What The Outcome Is Gonna Bring. Give It A Try Work On It Keep An Open Mind Explore And Get What Life Been Teaching You And Turn It Into Success Who Else Deserve It But You.

You Put The DEDICATION In We Thrive In The Trenches YES YOU Must Be Ready And Prepared For What’s In Store Its Time To Turn Your Dreams Into Reality Its Time To Enhance Your Knowledge About The Music Industry Its Time To Guide You In Today’s Music Society I Am Here I Am With You Always.

The Time In My Life Where I Realized If I Wanted It Bad Enough I Had To Step Up And Continue To Look For Alternative Routes In Order To Be On Top So I Can Give Back To My Community Give Back To Those Who Struggle Give Back To Those Who Need A Helping Hand A Chance A Voice Someone To Listen To And Believe Just Enough To Still Know That Yes There Is Hope There Is Life And That’s The KEY.

The Time Is Now No Worries No Regrets Defeat Fear. This Is The Beginning Of A Brand New Beginning. For Here On Out There Will Be No Looking Back.

If Your Not Ready For The Ride Don’t Strap In.This Is Not For The Weak Not The Lame. Start Over Until You Get It RIGHT!! We Must Not Give Up On Our Goals. We Must Learn From Our Mistakes It’s Are Biggest Teacher.If You Don’t Try And Make Mistakes You Will Never Grow. Put Your Fears To The Side And Take INITIATIVE In What You Do.

What Are Some Goals That You Were Trying To Reach But Feel You May Have Failed At? Any Solutions? Let Us Here Your Comments Below..

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