Intonation-The rise and fall in the voice when speaking.

Creative lyrics mixed with the right emotion of delivery can create a astonishing sound and grasp any listeners attention no matter which preference of genre is preferred.

Ever heard of the saying “put a little bit of umph” in it? Well that is exactly what you need to do to produce a nice toned delivery for your tracks.

Here I Will Give You The Keys to perfecting your delivery in your songs and stand out in today’s music society.

Have Confidence

Confidence is a number 1 key when recording a song. When in the booth or on stage, you must have confidence in what you are saying. Believe what you are saying and know what you are doing.

No one is gonna take you serious if you don’t have confidence in your voice and take yourself serious.

Lack of confidence can come from the fear of failure so if your continuing to slack on this skill then ask yourself why are you doing this.

The Stage

Practice performing in front of the mirror or ask your family members to listen to you and give their opinion. Put on a little concert for them if you have to trust me it will be all worth it.

Try your freestyle in places you wouldn’t normally speak at, over time this can help you gain confidence for those larger crowds.

Remember don’t confuse confidence with being arrogant. If not used properly you will come of as arrogant. No one wants to deal with a know it all. Remember you want people to gravitate towards you, not push them away.

Remembering Your Lyrics

Another important key to perfecting your delivery is memorizing your words. By doing this it will allow for you to deliver a strong confident voice you no exactly what your saying and how to say it.

Try going over your lyrics without using your notepad or phone. Repeat it over and over.

By the way I suggest you write your lyrics on paper as back up for those who only store their rhymes on their phone in case something happens.

Have some type of style about your self..don’t just rap like your reading from the paper or you just wrote it 60 seconds ago.

Find that feel that swag that will get your audience going so they will know each time they play your music they know you are gonna delivery some fire!!

The Microphone


Energy is part of your delivery that adds more feeling to what you are saying. Sounding dull and lifeless causes people to skip pass and over look you.

You want people to tune in to you. You want them to drown out there background and focus on what Your Saying.

Try not to over excite your self and scare people off or bust their eardrums. Place your feelings and energy on each part of the song when it hits explode.

Choose the beat or instrumental that fits the topic of the song you are writing about. Choose the mood the tempo, listen for breaks and louder sections of the beat take control Have Power.

Being unique plays a big part in the music industry rapping is a art its preciseness and techniques are mastered by the greatest mcs of all time.

Having confidence memorizing your lyrics having style and charisma about yourself, And possessing the right energy.

You already possess the tools to be a great rapper. Remember whatever you do make sure you practice and ask for feedback from close friends and family, your fans and supporters on your social sites.

If you need additional practice, try recording yourself on your phone before recording in a professional studio. Work on the things you need to improve remember nothing comes to a quitter.

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